Welcome to LetRonCraft

Come and play on our SMP server at smp.letroncraft.com

Join our Discord server at https://discord.gg/mzTtfkyBGy

**All commands available in GUI Panel**

Minecraft SMP server 1.17

Java and Bedrock edition (Cross platform)

This is a Free to Play MineCraft SMP Server.

LetRonCraft offers Minecraft classic survival game mode that comes along with lots of features and abilities.

Players are able to secure their own piece of lands using our land claim feature and start building your desire empire.

Epic weapon and armours can be won from both Rank crates and mythical crates.

Have you ever wonder what it will be like to ride on an EnderDragon? Now is your chance here in LetRonCraft SMP.

MiniGames such as Bedwars and HungerGames (survival games) are available in the Survival Multiplayer World too.

LetronCraft smp

LetRonCraft was born on Nov 2021. Our goals here is to create a Minecraft community and provide our players with fun and enjoyable gaming experience.

We are new, very new and We strongly believe in our players to share their gaming experience with us. So please do join us in our Discord server. It would be very helpful for us to grow our server and contents.