MineCraft Kingdoms

Continue your conquests by exploring a new world and conquer enemy kingdom by destroying their town monuments to capture towns for your own control.

Build and upgrade your town defends against enemy raids. Grow your army of knights and iron Golem to protect your Kingdom.

Gameplay Concepts

The intended gameplay of Kingdoms is for players to join a kingdom when they first join the server. Once joined as a kingdom member, players settle a town, build a base, and gear up. From this point, players can seek out enemy towns to raid and capture, or settle more towns in the unclaimed wild. This comes back to the main core concept of controlling the most territory. Players and kingdoms have a score based on towns and land.

  • Kingdoms are global teams which players may join. Kingdoms own land claimed by their members in the world. They are fixed teams created by admins. Kingdoms can exist in multiple worlds.

  • Capitals are protected claimed land areas. Each kingdom has its own capital, which acts as a safe spawn area for the kingdom members. Capitals are defined by admins and can prevent enemies from entering or damaging kingdom members.

  • Monument Templates are special structures created by admins per-kingdom. These structures have specific requirements and must be built for each kingdom. They contain critical blocks (obsidian by default) and may contain chests. The specific layout/design of a Monument Template is up to the creativity of admins.

  • Favor is the currency of Kingdoms which is known as money in Survival. Favor is used to perform various actions within Kingdoms,

  • Towns are the main focus of claimed territory. Kingdom members may settle (create) multiple towns for a cost in favor. Towns are composed of a group of claimed land chunks (16X16). Players can claim more land to grow the size of a town. Towns include many other features, but the key concept for towns is that in their central land chunk is a monument. Towns can exist in multiple worlds.

  • Monuments are structures within every town that are copied from their kingdom's monument template when the town is settled. Monuments cannot be edited by their kingdom members. They contain critical blocks (obsidian by default), that when broken by enemy kingdom players, result in the capture of the town. Upon town capture, the monument is replaced with the monument template from the attacker's kingdom, and the town territory transfers ownership.

  • Barbarians are players that belong to no kingdom. By default, new players are barbarians before they join a kingdom. Barbarians cannot settle towns or claim land. They can however place beds in order to create a personal camp that offers chest protection. When a barbarian destroys the critical blocks of a town monument, the town is destroyed and erased from the world.